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Defining the name and the hierarchical structure for a Property
Giving a name to an Instance and defining its Class

To create a resource, select the appropriate link for the kind of resource from the Add Resources section on the left. Further information on the different types of resources can be found in the Introduction.

The user is presented a form: In the first field, please give the resource a meaningful name. The name that you enter will also be the name of the page on which the information is stored. Next, you can specify hierarchical relationships, depending on the type of resource you want to create. If you create a class or a property, the hierarchy part of the form is used to specify any direct super-resource. For the case of Classes, this field is called SubClassOf, for the case of Properties SubPropertyOf.

For example, the class resource HydroPowerPlant is a direct subclass of the resource PowerPlant. Usage of the hierarchy helps to structure the resources. You may want to have a look at the Class- and Property-Graphs to see a visualization of these relationships.

If you create a new Instance, you can specify the Class of that Instance.

The next field allows you to add an explanation, definition or descriptive text to the resource. You can use the Add Another button to add multiple texts. If you would like to provide texts in different languages, please use a seperate field for every language. Additional text fields can be added by clicking on the 'Add another' button. If the texts come from other sources, please specify them at the end of each text.

For the sameAs and seeAlso fields, multiple values are possible as well. The sameAs fields should contain URIs of resources that are identical to the provided resource. These URIs could be, for example, URIs of dbpedia resources. The seeAlso links are used to specify locations where they may be more detailed information available on the subject.

Property field of an instance

The property fields let you specify relationships of your resource to other resources that are defined in the wiki. In the first field, the property that links together the resources has to be selected. When you start typing, the wiki should provide already existing properties of the wiki. If no appropriate property exists, one can be created by using the appropriate form. More information about properties can be found on Help:Property_Characteristics. The target field points to the resource that is linked via the selected property. Specifying a relationship results in a subject-predicate-object relationship, in which the current resource is the subject, the property defined in the first field is the predicate, and the resource defined in the Target field is the object.

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