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Properties describe relationships between resources or assign data values to resources. They have a hierarchical order similar to that of classes, but the semantic property is in this case called 'SubPropertyOf'. This is, similar to classes, exported as rdfs:subPropertyOf. When you create a property you have to specify if it is an Object- or a Datatypeproperty.Properties always have a domain and a range which specify which resources and values are allowed to be connected via this property. The domain defines the subject of the relationship. The domain always consist of resources. The user can specify a class of resources that is appropriate for this property. The range, on the other hand, consists of either resources, in the case of an object property, or data values, in the case of datatype properties. Objectproperties define the relationship between resources, while datatypeproperties assign data values to a resource. These values, also called Literals, can be typed to further specify which kind of data they hold. If the predefined datatypes are not sufficient, you can specify an XMLSchema datatype by giving a link to its resource.

Defining a custom datatype
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