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Property Name

Property Name:

Please give this property a meaningful name.

Property Hierarchy

This field will autocomplete on all previously defined properties. If there exists a property that is a suitable super property of this one, then please specify it here.

If this property is a subproperty of another property, then please specify it here.

Definitions and Descriptions

Here you can add several free-form texts. They can be used for defintions as well as descriptive texts.

Please specify the Domain and Range of this Property.

Object or Datatype Property:
An Object-Property links together two resources. Choose this if one can make general statements about the target. A Datatype-Property assigns a value or text to a resource. Choose this if the target of the property is a numerical value or a textual description.
Link to XML-Schema datatype:

An Object Property links together two resources, while a Datatype Property links a resource to a Literal (e.g. a Number or a String).

SameAs Definitions

If there is another (external) resource that is the same as this resource, specify its URI here.

SeeAlso Definitions

These fields can be used to add links to other resources that might be relevant in the context of this resource. Please give the URI of these resources.